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Its not just a tag line… it’s what makes us better… makes us unique.

Since 2001, Triad Systems Engineering (TSE) has helped companies large and small solve their complicated hardware, software and test development challenges.

Just as there are no two like problems, there are no two like solutions. That is where TSE comes in. Whether a complicated design problem, a technology that is out of organizational competencies, or a simple time-to-market issue, TSE can help.

With TSE as a partner, you are choosing to work with industry experts… not just engineers trained in theory, but the actual individuals who pioneered the electronics and computer industry.

Introducing Trailhead

The Trailhead Ultra-Mobile Product Platform (UMPP)Trailhead System is a first-of-a-kind product.  Leveraging the strengths of personal media players (PMPs) and ultra-mobile personal computers (UMPCs), but in a highly customizable framework, Trailhead allows even low-volume production of media-rich, high-touch mobile computing applications to be realized

Featured Clients

TSE is proud to partner with a diverse array of clients from Fortune-500 multi-nationals to progressive start-ups.

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