Engineering Excellence

Triad Systems Engineering (TSE) is a multifaceted electronic and computer engineering company that provides hardware, software and test development engineering services on a consulting basis. When you select TSE as a partner, you are choosing to work with industry experts… not just engineers trained in theory, but the actual individuals who pioneered the electronics and computer industry and have decades of experience.

TSE's engineers have in-depth knowledge of the latest electronics technologies and tools for both software and hardware product life cycles. They have extensive experience in designing, developing and testing a broad range of products, including complex printed circuit boards and integrated circuit design, layout and manufacture. TSE can also coordinate high-volume, low cost manufacturing out-sourcing, including offshore solutions.

TSE is your on-call partner that can help keep your program costs under control and on schedule.

Services at a Glance
  • Program Management
  • Mechanical Design
  • Product Design and Development
  • Firmware for Product Design
  • Test Development
  • Documentation and Support